About us

About us

Hello and welcome to Rönnlunds Foto We are 2 highly committed photographers who help both individuals and companies with different types of photo assignments. Member of the SFF, the Association of Swedish Photographers.

We work in pairs on all assignments, yes for the cost of one. One cannot get away from the fact that we men and women sometimes see things in different ways and in the combination between us we get a very good result that our customers like.

We have our office in Haninge where we live together and where we have our photo studio. In the beginning we did our most jobs in the Stockholm area, but now we travel around Sweden and recently abroad on advertising jobs. From the very beginning, we have been in contact with a number of associations / companies that regularly receive help from Rönnlunds Foto.

We do corporate portraits, exhibitions, events, competitions and book images. You can see our logo and pictures of several company cars out on the town. We are working closely with Aifo AB, Kitch´n, Blästerkungen, Utö Värdshus, Haninge Dansstudio, Kameradoktorn, Svenska Bilsportförbundet, Hammarby Foto, Swedish National Team in American Football, Self-defense school, Haninge Budo club and several local sports clubs.

For private individuals do weddings, baptisms, portraits, party-school closures, stag / hen parties. We photograph your pets in both portraits and competitions. When we make child portraits / family photos, we are happy to go home to you where the children feel safe. If necessary, we bring our portable studio flashes from Elinchrome. We work closely with Aifo / Elinchrome and use their powerful battery-powered studio flashes. We also blog on Aifos website after testing their products.

When interested, we arrange basic education in photography and then make excursions where we practice our skills. We decided from the outset not to specialize in any part of the photography. We do not regret this when we have a broader experience and it also gives joy and power to great commitment.

Jan is our moments photographer in sports / action as well as portraits and studio photography, Lotta complements with her female feelings for details, close-ups and style of the wedding where we work together. On our assignments, Lotta is responsible for product images / brokerage pictures and dishes and details.

She also assists Jan at the portrait assignments.

n private, we enjoy a good time in the woods and land and of course our cameras follow out. We are prepared with complete equipment needed for our assignments. Jan is a NPS member of Nikon and it gives us full service on the camera gadgets and in no time so no assignment is set.

Rönnlunds Foto is registered as an individual company in 2011 and is approved for FA tax.

We are really passionate about this and feel proud to say that many of our customers return.

We always guarantee that the customer will be satisfied before the job is done.







Two amazing photographers who quickly end up very close to the heart! All the pictures they take will be magical! We have photographed both wedding and pregnant photos with Lotta and Janne and can do nothing other than recommending this amazing photographer couple


Sofia & Jimmy Kilberg.

Lotta & Janne are not only fantastic photographers but they contribute so much

warmth o love too


Linda Malmenborn

Just got home the photos from the photography of my newborn daughter and family.

Incredible pictures


Awesome photographers who are really passionate about their professions! Can highly recommend and will definitely contact you in the future!

Annika Matilda

Here we write about projects and courses we have



6 Product images in the studio and Najaden's Gym

19 Portrait family pets studio

30 Valborg celebrations/photo Rudans Gård

4 Wedding half day Tyresö

25 Wedding day Huddinge