Price list

Price list

Price portrait

We offer portrait photography with a fixed price of SEK 1,000 per hour.

This includes preparation, photography and careful editing of the images.

Then we deliver high-resolution digital images on a CD / DVD or a USB memorandum stick after appointment.

We can shoot in our studio or take our equipment / background in home environment / room, the choice is yours.

The year round there is always the opportunity to be outdoors at the place we agree on. There are always several options then after how many pictures you want:

10 high resolution images in RGB / sRGB in color, sepia or black and white700: -

20 high resolution images 1000: -

30 high resolution images 1500: -

It is the same prices for family portraits, children's portraits and for corporate portraits, but special agreements are made when it is the question of many employees and the need for local images and other things in the company.

We can photograph pets in both portrait and training & / competition.

Price newborn

We offer you to come home to you with our studio equipment to maintain the safety of you and children at home.

We mount our equipment that needs about 3 x 3 meters surface if we are to use any / some backgrounds.

A child photography of newborns often takes longer than an hour when it is not possible to stress.

There is a need for several rest periods and feeding and our experience says that about 2-2.5 hours and then we get to the pictures you want.

After we have installed our equipment, we will sit with you and review our routines.

You will then have the opportunity to tell about your wishes a little more specifically.

When the photography is finished, we assemble all the equipment and go home and edit the pictures.

Our price for this photography and with

30 high resolution pictures is 2500: -

If you want to have 50 pictures we will take 3500: -

You will then receive a CD / DVD disc or a USB stick with high resolution digital images in RGB and sRGB in color, sepia or black and white.

Price Bachelorette party / Möhippa

Here we photograph the entire Swedexa / Möhippa if desired. Everything from the so-called kidnapping and then all the way to adventures, experiences and fun pranks with surprises, nice feedbacks and memories.

Those occasions are unbeatable memories to have. Surprise Mines / Joy / Feelings that hail.

We are included as far as is desired outdoors / indoors.

We can of course design other options if this feels right so do not hesitate to hear from you.

Option A: We photograph parts of the adventure and it is about an hour so we take 1500 SEK / hour.

Then you get 20 high-resolution images in TIFF / jpg format in both RGB and sRGB color schemes that can be used for blackboard or internet / homepages etc.

Live off the files on DVD or USB stick.

If you want more pictures, we make special prices.

Option B: If you want to have several parts for photography in a maximum of 3 hours of work, we can offer you to photograph it for 4000 SEK.

We then supply 50 high resolution digital images in the format TIFF / jpg in both RGB and sRGB which can be used for both pepper copy / blackboard and internet / homepages / facebook etc.

You can then send them to DVD or USB stick. If you want more pictures, we make a special price.

Option C: The whole adventure but a maximum of 5 hours and then we can come to the top to show up at the events if there is a break with lunch / dinner / and come back when you wish.

We cover up the entire event during the day / evening and we talk about what times are most important.

We then supply 100 high resolution digital images in the format TIFF / jpg in both RGB / sRGB repository that can be used on paper copies / paintings and internet / websites / facebook etc. Price SEK 7000

If you want more pictures, we make a special price.

SFF's rack. pricing

The basic fee / hourly rate Portrait photography 900 Kr

1 hr Wedding photography SEK 1500

1 hour PACKAGE PRICES, EXAMPLE OF INTERVALS Portrait photography 1-2 person / is 1000-12500 SEK

Portrait photography more than 2 people 5000 - 13000 SEK

Wedding photography, addiction on working hours and what is included 5000-13000 SEK LOW-SOLID

1 HIGH-RESOLUTED FILES Low resolution, not ready for inspection Included in most cases

High resolution, ready-made files:

1 pcs 1000 kr

5 pcs 2100 kr '

10 pcs 3800 kr

20 pcs 5200 kr

50 pcs 7500 kr