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Private customers

Baptism photography


We are happy to make baptismal photographs ... to be involved in seeing how a small child will get his name and be wedged into the church with proud parents and relatives warming our hearts.

An honorary mission we really look forward to.

Click on the picture and we will show some examples from some baptisms

Portrait photography


We often do portrait photography and it is usually both outdoors in all climates and also indoors with our portable studio flashes. They accompany you at all times and also in the backlight outdoors.

We make portraits with individuals or entire families and will be happy to come home to you if you wish.

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Child and Childbirth photography


Children and newborns are magically able to photograph. Just to meet the parents

before and their proud looks.

Then feel free to photograph the little one within 10 days, making the photo session magical.

We are happy to do so later but then another type of photography where the little heart is usually wiser and shows its fine eyes.

Let's have the honor of photographing your little pride so we promise to give you the best memories

Happy siblings photos and with the parents of course.

Click on the picture and you will get several picture examples

Pregnant photography


Is there anything more intimate and beautiful than a mother / family waiting for their long-awaited child. The mood we feel in such missions is strong and evokes fine feelings.

We have had the honor of getting such assignments and gladly take several so hear from you.

Nice memories that the children appreciate when they are "out" and bigger.

 Click on the picture and there are some examples

Sport photography


Sport and action is something extra where we get to catch moments and we like to do so.

Check in and see some of our assignments.

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Pets photography


Pets are popular to photograph and we are happy to do it in portraits / acton and competitions.

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