Lottas Macrobilder

Lottas när- och macrobilder


Lotta ser man ofta på marken intill smådjur/blommor och andra detaljer i naturen.

Ja inte bara där utan även i andra miljöer. Hon älskar detaljer och fin natur.

Lottas close and macro images

Lotta is often seen on the ground next to small animals / flowers and other details in nature. Yes not only there but also in other environments. She loves details and nice nature.




        Krogtäppan 179

        137 68 . JORDBRO



        Janne 0708-615960

        Lotta 070-3338828







About us

We are two photographers who work together at all jobs for the price of one.

In private we are cohabiting and sharing the photo interest to 100 percent.

We complement each other really well and are passionate about this.

You get two very committed and social photographers who would like to take different assignments.

Don't hesitate to contact us you will hear from us in shortly.




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