Ornbilder spaning

Örnbilder spaning


Vi har varit på Gysinge Örngömsle vid 2 st tillfällen. 2017 och 2018 i början av Mars månad

Första gången var det 18 st örnar där men året efter  såg vi bara några stycken

men vilken upplevelse, Här lite exempel från det.

Screens of eagles

We have been to Gysinge Örngömsle on two occasions. 2017 and 2018 in early March The first time there were 18 eagles there but the following year we only saw a few but what experience, Here's a little example from it.




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About us

We are two photographers who work together at all jobs for the price of one.

In private we are cohabiting and sharing the photo interest to 100 percent.

We complement each other really well and are passionate about this.

You get two very committed and social photographers who would like to take different assignments.

Don't hesitate to contact us you will hear from us in shortly.




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