Foretags porträtt

Företags porträtt


Här visar vi lite exempel på bilder vi tagit på olika företag 

Vi hjälper gärna erat företag med profilbilder/hemsidor/lokalbilder m.m.

Business portrait

Here we show some examples of pictures we have taken on different companies We are happy to help your company with profile pictures / homepages /

local images etc.




        Krogtäppan 179

        137 68 . JORDBRO



        Janne 0708-615960

        Lotta 070-3338828




About us

We are two photographers who work together at all jobs for the price of one.

In private we are cohabiting and sharing the photo interest to 100 percent.

We complement each other really well and are passionate about this.

You get two very committed and social photographers who would like to take different assignments.

Don't hesitate to contact us you will hear from us in shortly.




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